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Emergency Info for iPad


Emergency Info for iPad

Emergency Info" app for iPad keeps track of your Medical Emergency information ( info needed "In Case of EMERGENCY").

It helps you organize personal medical information to monitor and keep track of your Medical Emergency contacts, Physician contacts, your Allergies/reactions , your Medications and other important medical data. In addition it is also very useful to paramedics and other emergency personnel responding to accidents, crimes and disasters.

***Accurate and Concise information in your app can possibly save your life.

Carry it around in your iPad all the time for quick and easy reference and to keep on top of your emergency data.


* EASY and INTUITIVE interface for entering Medical Emergency Data

* Keep all your Emergency contact list in one place

* Unlimited list of Medications

* Unlimited list of Allergies

* Add free text NOTES to each log

* Takes very little of your iPad memory, extremely small database size.

* Convenient quick reference.

* Health Insurance Info, Blood-group and more..

* Update it anytime - No need for printed Medical ID cards.

* Helps you MONITOR changes in allergies and medications over time.

This app saves emergency medical information and calculated data.

For any issues with the app or request for new features, please email us at support@ihealthventures.com.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improving our product.

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