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Doctors Appointment Reminder


Doctors Appointment Reminder

An easy-to-use, full featured doctor's appointment reminder.

This app for your iPad, iPhone & iPod-Touch, reminds you when your medical appointment is due.


* SUPER SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE - !! (3 days only - BUY NOW) FEATURES: ✓ EASY and INTUITIVE interface for entering all appointments ✓ Helps you manage medical appointments ✓ Prioritize your appointment List ✓ Automatically sort by PRIORITY and DUE dates ✓ Create your own User-Defined Categories. (You can accomplish this by clicking on the settings button on the Home Screen) ✓ Custom reporting: Create reports for : -Overdue Appointments - Appointments due today, tomorrow, within week, upcoming -Completed Appointments ✓ Easily manage appointments from your iPhone / iPod Touch ✓ Email: Send or Share Appointments list by email ✓ Get Automatic Reminders ✓ Voice Notes - allows you to record, play voice memos ✓ Ability to add photos from camera/album TRY OUT OUR OTHER POPULAR PRODUCTS to help you :

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