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Swine flu symptoms checker


Swine flu symptoms checker

H1N1 (Swine) flu symptom checklist is an interactive app for iPhone/iPod Touch to help protect yourself and your family from Swine Flu as well as self-care advice. FEATURES

* Ability to log your symptoms with notes on your iPhone

* Helps you check symptoms of H1N1 flu and when to seek immediate medical care

* Contains a guide to Self-Care for H1N1 Flu

* Emergency warning signs for Children and Adults

* Access to real-time updates from flu.gov

* Email symptoms to your doctor directly from your iPhone

* Flu-Shot location finder

* Tips for protecting yourself, to reduce your risk from Swine Flu. Sources: CDC, WHO For any issues with the app or request for new features, please email us at support@ihealthventures.com. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improving our product.