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Sleep Journal


Sleep Journal

Sleep Tracker (iSleepTracker) is a state-of-the-art iPhone app to help you Relax and Sleep better.

It gather specific sleep data including factors and events that influence your sleep.

This app is a valuable tool for Sleep Trends Analysis to help you in getting deep, restful sleep without resorting to medication.

It helps you discover your sleep patterns. Carry around iSleepTracker in your iPhone or iPod Touch all the time and awake fresh each morning because everyone deserves a good nights sleep. FEATURES

* EASY and INTUITIVE interface for Tracking your Sleep.

* TRACK your sleep patterns and habits over time and see if patterns emerge.

* EMAIL and SHARE your Sleep records with your Doctor.

You can also email to yourself for backup and sharing.

* The LOG HISTORY display allows you to view all historic data.

* Add free text NOTES to each log.

* MONITOR changes in Sleep cycles over time.

* Takes very little of your iPhone memory, extremely small database size.

* Convenient Sleep Diary This app saves sleep information and calculated data.

In addition to maintaining a convenient log of your Sleep history, the app is also a valuable tool for discovering your sleep patterns which may help you and your doctor to help you improve your sleep. Keywords / Tags: Sleep Diary, Sleep aids, Good Night's Sleep, Sleep Log